Daylight Savings Time and More!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! If you haven’t already, turn back your clock. And, be sure to check your smoke alarm’s battery!

This weekend went by so fast! On Saturday, I went to my weekly dinner at Jason’s Deli. I especially love their Manager’s Special. I get a salad with half of a tuna fish sandwich along with Baked Lays.

On Sunday, I walked twice. Once around my neighborhood with Boomer, my mother’s Yorkie. And, went to my grandparents’ neighborhood and walked with Sam, their neighborhood dog.

I weighed in on the scale today, and I weighed 262 pounds! So, I lost 3.8 pounds in the past two days!

I have been hydrating myself and drinking Crystal Light Fruit Punch from Walmart. I love the ones that you can just pop in your water bottle, because you don’t have to guess the amount needed for your drink!

Looking forward to seeing what is coming this week! Stay safe! Stay beautiful! Also, looking forward to your comments!

Note: I had to restart the blog last time, because I didn’t think anyone was listening. Now, I believe that many of you are. I read all of your comments. And, I know that there were comments last time that didn’t make it on the blog due to migration. I would love to have that person, or those people to return to my blog and comment on my blog. Don’t be shy! The comments mean so much to me! Thanks. And, be blessed this holiday season!

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Blogging from Edmond, Oklahoma, Jennifer Hunt is an aspiring author who details her weight loss journey on!

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