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Today, we had a party at my work. I had two plates. One medium sized plate filled with goodies that were high in carbohydrates. The other plate, which was a napkin, had breads. One thing I did was to incorporate a few vegetables (2 baby carrots) and fruit (melon and two bananas) to my plate. The good thing was, I didn’t go back for a second plate. Although, I did eat two cake donuts. Whenever I am around food, I feel like food cravings control me. Like “food is my friend,” someone told me. It has taken a toll on my weight. I had a job that I had previously which was active and up on my feet.

However, I found another job. Yet, the bad thing about this job is that the job is sedentary.

I weighed myself early in the morning. And, I weighed 279.3 pounds. But, since I binged, I weighed a lot more.

I decided after work that I was going to go to the gym. After I passed through traffic, I arrived at the gym. At nearly 6 p.m., the parking lot was full. I went in the gym (10 Gym in Edmond). I hadn’t been in a long time, because of my job keeping me busy. I told myself, I would like to have healthier habits and a healthier life. I decided to walk on the treadmill. I watched a movie on television without the sound. I didn’t have my earphones – trying to stay focused on walking.

I walked 2.62 miles. Starting out, that is pretty good.

I weighed myself at home. I was 285.3 pounds. So, I gained six pounds in less than eleven hours.

However, I do drink plenty of water. I drank 96 ounces of water at work and while I was exercising. My weight at my previous job was around 258.9. So, 285.3-259.4 is 25.9 pounds to go, before I am back before I started. Thanks again for the love.

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