That’s How I Feel

Today, I didn’t feel good. Yet, I kept striving forward to my goal. I decided to get the chicken strip dinner from Braum’s (bad, I know). I haven’t had the meal in a long time. Yet, I decided to get the meal and treat myself.

In other news, I saw a video called “tsunami,” which made me rethink about my weight loss goals. The video fat shamed a girl dancing and getting into a pool. Another picture was posted by the video, hinting about salads.

This video was a wake-up call to me, because I felt like the girl was me. She was my size. I have a sedentary job. And, my previous job was active and had me lifting things, picking up things, and walking.

However, the drawback for me was, the hours were not consistent. And, the job had no benefits. Yet, I was working part-time. My previous job starts everyone part-time.

My job now caused me to gain weight. It is a good and stable job with friendly co-workers. I liked my previous job, too. Yet, life called. I would go back if I had the chance.

However, God put me in a different direction. This job is giving me time to think about the future. Back to the video. The video cause me to start thinking differently about my weight loss goals.

Today, I weighed myself. And, I weighed 282.7 pounds. I weigh myself every day. Starting today, I will weigh myself every week or every two weeks. I measured myself. My stomach is 51 inches around.

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Blogging from Edmond, Oklahoma, Jennifer Hunt is an aspiring author who details her weight loss journey on!

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