Day 45: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Today was an exciting day. I went to the hairdresser and got my hair done. I am so glad that I could go to the hair dresser after Oklahoma’s governor opened up hair salons. After I had my hair done, I went to my grandparents’ house.

Early this morning, I had six ounces of lemonade. For lunch, I had 11 seedless grapes. And, two chocolate chip cookies.

For dinner, I had a Southwestern Grilled Chicken salad from Walmart, six Buffalo turkey pinwheels, and Canada Dry Ginger Ale soda. For a dessert, I had Peach Activia yogurt, cottage cheese, and a protein bar.

Early this morning, I walked Boomer for twenty minutes. And, I walked around my grandparents’ house for thirty minutes.

I weighed myself today, and I weighed 271.1 pounds. I gained 3.5 pounds from last week.

By justjennihous

Blogging from Edmond, Oklahoma, Jennifer Hunt is an aspiring author who details her weight loss journey on!

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