Reflections: May 2020 Edition

This is a new feature of the blog. Generally, I do these reflections every month. These show you where I am in my weight loss journey.

I have been evaluating my diet, and logging food with a calorie counter (LoseIt). And, I have been looking at the foods that I eat.

First, I need to substitute the sugary sweets with water and other healthy foods. It is useless exercising, if I continue to eat sugary sweets and not pay attention to what I am eating. I need to substitute the sugary sweets with water. And, learn how to detox.

Second, I need to be careful of the amount of food that I eat. Portion control can affect your diet. I have been eating large portions of sugary treats. And, that has caused me to gain weight (along with some other issues as well). I need to lessen the amount of food that I eat by learning portion control.

I am thinking about weighing myself less often on a more reliable scale. My scale shows different weights each time I weigh. Or, my scale shows a different weight all together. I will begin to weigh in monthly instead of weekly, for this reason. My first weigh in is next week. I will post a picture of my results. And, I will graph my results on my blog, as well. Thanks for reading!

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Blogging from Edmond, Oklahoma, Jennifer Hunt is an aspiring author who details her weight loss journey on!

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