Day 47: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Good day, everyone. I started off pretty bad with my daily diet. I had a protein bar that I ate last night. For breakfast, I had sixteen teaspoons of cottage cheese, 12 teaspoons of Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, and a cup of water. I had a protein bar for lunch and an orange.

For dinner, I kind of overdid things. I had ½ cups of potato salad, 1 cup of fruit salad, 2 hot dogs, ginger ale (12 ounces) and for dessert, 2 slices of pound cake.

For snacks, I had four teaspoons of Greek Nonfat yogurt and peaches and cream yogurt.

Today, I walked three times. First, with Boomer during lunch for fifteen minutes. Second, at my grandparents’ house for 2.3 miles for 30 minutes. And, third, with Boomer for an hour and ten minutes.

I weighed myself at my grandparents’ house on his scale. And, I figured out that his scale is close to my scale, but carries a consistent weight. It is an analog scale. I weigh 269 pounds.

By justjennihous

Blogging from Edmond, Oklahoma, Jennifer Hunt is an aspiring author who details her weight loss journey on!

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