My Experience with the Coronavirus Vaccine

On March 26, 2021, I took my first Coronavirus shot at a local school. At first, I was very excited, because there is a cure for this deadly virus. At the school, I had the opportunity to see some of my Sorors working to help the community.

I had to fill out a questionnaire before I received the shot, and I had to print out a form which had a QR code. The clinic was sponsored by OU Health.

After I received the shot, I waited 15 minutes. After waiting, I visited my relatives. Afterwards, I drove back home.

Almost a day after I received the shot (Pfizer, by the way), I had a rash, itched all over my body, and had body aches. This lasted several days.

Three weeks later, I returned to the same school to get my second shot. I told them about the rash reaction. And, after I received my second shot, I waited for thirty minutes, instead of fifteen minutes.

I am so excited that I have completed my Coronavirus vaccines, because I can travel, and I can go to the gym with my card. However, I have to wear a mask to not get infected.

I plan on going to 10 GYM around May 2021, once the second dose has settled in my system.

If you have received your shot, there are freebies. One is getting a copy of your card laminated. I plan on taking advantage of this flyer, too.

Thanks for reading.

By justjennihous

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