May 2020: Scale Update

This is kind of hard for me to say. I have some good news and bad news. But, first the bad news. My scale was off again by a lot of weight. I went to the gym, yesterday, and it confirmed my suspicions. The scale is very sensitive. So, I replaced the battery again, and… Continue reading May 2020: Scale Update

Day 47: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Good day, everyone. I started off pretty bad with my daily diet. I had a protein bar that I ate last night. For breakfast, I had sixteen teaspoons of cottage cheese, 12 teaspoons of Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life, and a cup of water. I had a protein bar for lunch and… Continue reading Day 47: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Reflections: May 2020 Edition

This is a new feature of the blog. Generally, I do these reflections every month. These show you where I am in my weight loss journey. I have been evaluating my diet, and logging food with a calorie counter (LoseIt). And, I have been looking at the foods that I eat. First, I need to… Continue reading Reflections: May 2020 Edition

Day 33: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Today was a very stressful day. I had to work a long shift. And, it caused me to overeat. I ate the rest of my cinnamon bread (four slices at 100 calories each). In total, the amount was 400 calories. I also ate two cups of Cheerios (in the yellow box – original) for lunch… Continue reading Day 33: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Day 10: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Today, I walked Boomer all around the neighborhood. I had a bit of cottage cheese and water. Yet, I treated myself again, since it was the weekend. Only this time, I didn’t get three cookies. I had one macadamia nut cookie and one chocolate chip cookie. And, I stopped at that. I had a cup… Continue reading Day 10: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Day 6: Coronavirus Weight Loss

It is the end of March. And, I weighed myself today. I weighed 274.3 pounds. But, two weeks ago, I weighed 287.2 pounds. In total, I lost 12.9 pounds. So, that is still a significant loss. I believe that I lost my gain from today by avoiding sweets. Maybe it is because of water weight.… Continue reading Day 6: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Day 4: Coronavirus Weight Loss

The cool weather continues! Today is supposed to be a rest day. I couldn’t resist walking, such a beautiful day for a walk. I walked Boomer 3.2 miles around the neighborhood. I weighed myself today, and I was 272.9 pounds! I also measured myself, and I measure 48.5 inches on my waist. So, far, I… Continue reading Day 4: Coronavirus Weight Loss