Day 400: Coronavirus Weight Loss

This morning, I had tap water. For lunch, I had an apple and tap water. For dinner, I had pancakes, scrambled eggs, maple syrup with light butter, and flank steak. For snacks, I had Fresca soda and a banana. For exercise, I walked Boomer for a total of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Day 255: Coronavirus Weight Loss

For breakfast, I had Crystal Light Cherry mixed with water. I also had a blackberry Canada Dry Ginger Ale. For lunch, I had the Mesa Chicken Salad and sparkling water from Jason’s Deli. For dinner, I had Swadley’s Barbecue’s brisket sandwich. I also had a chocolate cake and a chocolate bourbon pie from Kamp’s. For… Continue reading Day 255: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Day 198: Coronavirus Weight Loss

For lunch, I had cottage cheese (4%). For dinner, I had tuna salad, barbecue potato chips, blackberry Canada Dry ginger ale, and two hard boiled eggs. For snack, I had a peach Activia yogurt, a banana, and toasted coconut cookies. I walked Boomer for 18 minutes.