Day 39: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Today is yet another day. I didn’t get a chance to walk Boomer, because I felt so sore the night before. I had a banana, ½ slice of provolone cheese, three Sweet and Sour pickle slices, and some Greek yogurt (plain/non-fat). For dinner, my plate was mainly vegetables. I had bread (1/2 pieces), one cup… Continue reading Day 39: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Day 29: Coronavirus Weight Loss

This morning, I had seven teaspoons of Greek yogurt. For lunch, I had a small banana. Dinner was one of my favorite meals – tuna fish. Tuna contains plenty of protein. I had a tuna fish sandwich with cheese. Later on, I came back for half a sandwich and for eight saltine crackers and three… Continue reading Day 29: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Day 27: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Today, I did a little bit better. I had Greek yogurt (4 tablespoons total) for breakfast and lunch. I also had a ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, and provolone cheese sandwich. I also had a small banana. I walked Boomer for fifteen minutes during lunch. And, I got on the stationary bike for 25 minutes.