Day 67: Coronavirus Weight Loss

This morning, I had a Pure Protein bar for breakfast. For lunch, I had a cup of Goldfish cheddar crackers and two fluid ounces of a Bolthouse Farms green smoothie. I helped to fix Light Banana Pudding. So, I had some banana pudding for dessert. I will post the recipie tomorrow. For dinner, I had… Continue reading Day 67: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Day 53: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Today is Sunday. Generally, I weigh myself on Sundays, the beginning of the week. I weighed myself. And, I weighed 263.2 pounds. I had eight ounces of green Jasmine tea, 2/3 cups of Frosted Flakes, and a chicken melt for a late-night snack. For my main meal, I had two pieces of fried catfish, three… Continue reading Day 53: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Day 5: Coronavirus Weight Loss

I walked 3.2 miles before work with Boomer. We had an amazing walk around the neighborhood. Today, I had one cup of coleslaw. One slice of my grandfather’s cake, 1/10 beans, and 6 English cucumbers. And, I drank seven ounces of Coke Zero as well as water. I had a Mandarin orange for a snack.