AUGUST 2021 – Health Update

I am starting to do monthly weigh-ins on my blog. It helps me to become accountable. Thank you. Starting Weight: 322 (2015); Goal Weight #1: 266.5; Final Goal Weight: 120;July 24, 2021 Weight – 286.5 poundsJuly 31, 2021 Weight – 279.8 poundsGAIN/LOSS – 6.7 pounds lostTOTAL GAIN/LOSS – 41.2 poundsMINUTES EXERCISED – 1,834 minutesBMI: 48.8… Continue reading AUGUST 2021 – Health Update

Reflections: May 2020 Edition

This is a new feature of the blog. Generally, I do these reflections every month. These show you where I am in my weight loss journey. I have been evaluating my diet, and logging food with a calorie counter (LoseIt). And, I have been looking at the foods that I eat. First, I need to… Continue reading Reflections: May 2020 Edition

Day 26: Coronavirus Weight Loss

Monday is the beginning of a fresh week. Today, I logged everything on LoseIt. I woke up early to work. For lunch, I had an orange. Today, was a bad day for meals. I had a beef taco for dinner, along with cheese dip and tortilla chips. I also had two small bananas. I walked… Continue reading Day 26: Coronavirus Weight Loss