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My name is Jennifer Hunt. I am an Edmond, Oklahoma native. For high school, I graduated with honors from Edmond Memorial High School (Go Bulldogs!). For college, I went to The University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, (Go Sooners!) and graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts degree (in History) and have a Google Certificate in Data Analytics from Coursera (in three months). A winner of numerous awards, and a Coca-Cola Scholar. A fan of fitness and fun, I love learning and sports, especially golf. Thanks, and have a great day.


Accountability Data - (Accurate as of February 15, 2024)

* 675 768 Miles for Health: August 2023 to February 2024

* AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION - Instagram Post - Awesome Fitness Photo

My dog (Boomer) and I are trying to raise $200 for AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION in July 2023. So far, we have $25 raised. And, we need $175 to reach our goal. I am walking my dog (Boomer) 62 miles in July 2023. 47.21 miles down, 14.79 to go! I am for Team Tinker [Here is the link to donate.] Donations are matched, until July 14, 2023. The donations are tax-free. Thank you for your support. The donations are tax-free. And, Boomer and I have walked 47.21 miles so far. LET'S GO! As of July 28, 2023, 62.28 miles by July 28, 2023! Thanks for rocking!

* STOP SOLDIER SUICIDE - Instagram Post - This is by another Jennifer, not me. :D

**Past Fundraiser (March 2023):

My dog (Boomer) and I walked 30 miles from March 1 - March 15, 2023. We are trying to raise $200 for STOP SOLDIER SUICIDE. So far, we have $160 raised so far. And, we need $40 to reach our goal. [Here is the link to donate.] Thank you for your support.

**Past Fundraiser (August 2022):

I am trying to fundraise $200 and walk 50 miles for charity. Soldiers are people who dedicated their lives to our country. I am for Team Tinker. I have $100.00 more to go. Thank you. I have also walked 20 miles 50 miles (DONE)! (as of 10/6/2022). We are supposed to do 30 miles, but I am doing 50 miles. LET'S GO! - Jennifer Hunt  [Donation Link (Old)]


Stop Soldier Suicide - Silver Award
50% Donation  - Stop Soldier Suicide
American Diabetes Association - Donor Award
Fundraising Badge - American Diabetes Association


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Note: I did these ads for a former site of mine named "dvelme", which is now defunct. Made 13 years ago.


Note: I did these flyers for my Instagram profile. Two of them are advertisements for my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (Beta Sigma Omega) chapter.


Data Analytics Projects:

Portuguese "Vinho Verde" Red and White Wine Data: Analyzed "Vinho Verde" Red and White Wine Dataset from [Cortez et al., 2009] through graphs in Google Sheets, RStudio Cloud, and Tableau.

State of Oklahoma (Open Data):

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Custom Made Granny Square Blankets (Self-Made). Note: YouTube video on "How to Crochet for Beginners".

Resume: Upon e-mail request.




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